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For over 100 years we have been crafting Fior di Latte and making it travel all over the world. We are creative and always on the ball: we have made the history and every day we strive to build the future while remaining faithful to tradition.





Four generations, just one passion.

Our journey began in the early 1900s, thanks to our great grandma, an exceptional woman. She undertook the daily journey from Sant’Anastasia to Naples’ Porta Nolana market with unwavering strength and commitment, selling dairy products.

In the 1950s, our grandparents, Vincenzo and Geppina, made a bold Transition. Evolving from merchants, they elected to become producers in the dairy industry, establishing state-of-the-art dairy facilities initially in Lazio, and subsequently in Campania and Lombardia. Their endeavors positioned them as pioneers within the sector, with a notable focus on the production of Fior di Latte for pizza.

From a modest beginning at a stall in Porta Nolana, our products have now reached esteemed pizzerias worldwide. Our history is a narrative of both minor and significant successes, marked by a perpetual quest for quality and considerable dedication.

Why should you choose Latticini Orchidea?


We are one of the very few brands on the market with the same name since the 1960s. We have always been recognised for the unique characteristics and guarantee that our products represent in terms of quality and reliability.


Unlike many other companies, we have always worked side by side with the Maestri Pizzaiuoli in order to create products that are increasingly responsive to needs that have evolved over time, without giving in to passing fashions, but with the common denominator of consistently high quality.


We have always talked and interacted with those who need to use our products. This has allowed us to evolve together with our customers and to develop products that are increasingly focused on their needs. Whether you make Neapolitan, Roman or American pizza, whether you use a wood-fired, gas or electric oven, whether your speciality is Neapolitan traditional or fried pizza or Apulian panzerotto, whether you are a wagon wheel lover or the ever-popular contemporary pizza, we have the right products for you.


All our products are the result of recipes that have been handed down for decades, refined through collaboration with Master Pizza makers. This synergy has allowed us to tailor our products, making our Fior di Latte synonymous with guaranteed performance and quality. We offer different variations of Fior di Latte, suitable for every need.

Whole in water

A great classic, fresh and milky product, perfect for those seeking the traditional Fior di Latte experience. Its excellent cooking performance, awesome texture and unmistakable flavour make every bite an unforgettable experience.

Ready to use in trays 

Available in various shape and thickness options, packaged ready-to-use in Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP). This innovative technology extends product shelf-life by up to 30 days, keeping freshness and quality intact. Perfect for those seeking convenience without compromise.

Vacuum packed

Logs available in 500 gram or 1 kg packs. This packs size offers a drier product and an extended shelf-life, ideal for those who plan to use it over time without giving up quality.


Frozen immediately after production to preserve all organoleptic characteristics. This option is perfect for reaching even the most distant markets, guaranteeing the same unchanged quality.


We embrace every style: we love it Neapolitan, Roman, American, dood-fired, gas or electric oven-baked. We relish it fried, wagon wheel, and contemporary. Our assortment of versatile, high-quality products is crafted to meet every requirement, ensuring the creation of extraordinary pizzas!

We have always been the point of reference for Master Pizza makers and this collaboration has allowed us to develop products that exactly reflect the needs of pizza professionals. We do not follow passing fashions, but guarantee high quality and constant yield.

Our Fior di Latte is available in the following versions:

  • 100% Italian milk
  • 100% Campanian milk processed according to the Agerola tradition
  • European Union milk

Each variant is a promise of excellence, designed to enhance every pizza with the authentic flavour and quality that has represented us for four generations.


Our Fior di Latte is choosed all over the world to create extraordinary pizzas: from the heart of Campania to finest pizzerias in over 30 countries around the world, our products tell a story of passion and innovation. It is not just Fior di Latte, but a means of creating something extraordinarily special.

Those who choose Latticini Orchidea choose a Fior di Latte with unique characteristics of moisture and consistency, which make it ideal for any type of cooking.

We look to the future with a commitment to increasingly sustainable and efficient practices, to ensure that quality goes hand in hand with respect for our planet. We grow, we evolve, but we always remain faithful to the Campania dairy tradition. Globally loved, locally produced.


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